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Image truly what you make it
Once in a while I need to remind myself that Happiness is a CHOICE I have the power to stop a negative thought and choose to replace it with a good one
"Happiness comes as a result of our obedience and our courage in
always doing the will of God, even in the most difficult circumstances.
When the prophet Lehi warned the inhabitants of Jerusalem, they mocked him,
and, as with other ancient prophets, they sought to take away his life. I
quote the prophet Nephi: 'I . . . will show unto you that the tender
mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of
their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance' (1
Nephi 1:20). . . .

"Yes, we find happiness in the midst of the
trial of our faith. The Lord manifests Himself to us through His tender
mercies, which we find along the road of happiness. We see with increased
clarity His hand in our lives.

"Happiness is a condition of the
soul. This joyous state co…

Victoria Yao, RN, BS

A month of studying Thousands of practice questions All came down to 75 questions taken in less than ONE hour two anxiety filled days I passed! I am shocked and amazed Most of all I am GRATEFUL for my god, my faith, my savior, family and friends for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself
This message has helped me tremendously this pass month:

A Circus Proposal...

Impressive! Props to the Groom-to-be

About a year ago....

I was there....
Auckland, New Zealand

Doing this (So much fun)

and this ( I just did my second jump for graduation, awesome!)
Oh boy those were the days!! So much fun with great friends.  Since coming home I've been in a funk (courtesy of GLEE)  Today, it ends.... No more complaining Hardcore studying No more feeling sorry for myself  I will pass the NCLEX on in 19 days!!!
 My good friend told me this: "Never expect anything from people. If you do you will always be disappointed and when you don't you'll always be surprised"
So true. (Thanks, Linds) Peace out,  V