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The countdown begins

Three days til graduation... Two days my parents arrive.... One last presentation until... IT'S ALL OVER!!  FINALLY!! The weather this weekend has been awesome, the sun has been shining, flowers blossoming,  I love Spring! I spent the weekend doing "BYU"ish things: hiking the Y, bonfires, BBQs, carrot jello Photos of my adventures will be up soon.

Pretty in Pink

Spring weather is has finally arrived! The weather has been absolutely wonderful lately Graduation is only 7 days away!

I love love love this weather! top reasons why: 1. Sunday Walks  2. Otter pops 3. Sunglasses 4. Shorts and sandals 5. Return of outdoor bbqs and bonfires 6. swimming pools 7. flowers blooming 8. GREEN grass! 9. bright colors 10. ice cream!


I really really really want to go to Greece, like TODAY!!!

Color Explosion...

Using this site I've been able to find these amazing pictures...  just pick your favorite colors and see what you get Just in time for Spring!!

Smile Like You Mean It

Life has been busy lately... My time has been filled with projects, papers, and presentations but I'm almost there!  My last class of my college career in is a few hours! 14 days til Graduation Below are pictures of recent adventures: Ward Sister Appreciation Night, we pretended to be at "prom"

"Prom" pose Lucky guy!
Mini Reunion @ Shoga Holi Festival of Colors with April and Lauren

Great times with great friends!

Growing up is hard to do....

This past week has been interesting to say the least.... I've learned things that will last for a life time Lessons I've learned 1.  God loves me 2. Always do what you know is right and screw the consequences 3. I have some really awesome friends that put up with my frustrations 4. Silence is not always the right answer 5. People change, not always for the better, but you have to let them make their mistakes 6. I am not in control 7. I can do hard things 8. I can make new friends 9. Service makes you happy 10. Our decisions affect those around us whether we know it or not

No one gets through life without a fair number of trials. Although we’d all love a trial-free life, in truth, it is through the trials that we experience our greatest growth and learn who we really are. They make the good times better, because  we know good times are not promised at all times. Thomas S. Monson "At times some may think that no one cares--but someone always cares! Your Heavenly Father will not leav…