True Story

Summer is over. Finding a new grad nursing position has been far from easy. 
Fortunately I have been keeping busy with doing other things. I just have to have patience and trust in the lord. 

Despite our trials I know that we can have joy. Below are things that have brought me joy these past couple of weeks.

1.       Starbucks: Iced Chai Tea Latte with soymilk ( caffeine-free, of course)
2.       Fresh cut flowers at the Farmer’s market
3.       Talking with old friends
4.       Driving with the windows down while the radio is blasting
5.       Ice cream
6.       Online shopping (well more browsing than actual buying)
7.       Blog-stalking college buddies ( guilty)
8.       Return of fall TV (Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, GLEE, just to mention a few)
9.       Pretzel M&Ms 
10.   Reading a good book 


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