Baby Steps....

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic...and it's only gonna get worse as the semester comes to an end. I  just need to take things one small step at a time and hope for the best. I know it'll work out eventually.

 Graduation is basically a month away!! I can't believe it! This pass week I've been a BYU/UT-hater, so I'm going make a list of the things I love about BYU.
1. Great people: from my professors to my best friends, people at BYU are for the most part  good examples and great to be around.
2. School Spirit: Go Cougs!! 
3. Great environment: clean campus, friendly people
4.  Nursing Program: I loved learning the Healer's Art and mixing secular knowledge with spirituality
5. Devotionals: I have learned many things I want to apply in my life
6. Mountains: Although they are not green like the ones in HI, the mountains in UT are still pretty to look at
7. FOOD: Bombay House, Shoga, Guru's, Zupas, Cafe Rio...the list goes on and on
8. Professors: I've seriously have had some of the most knowledgeable and humble professors at BYU. 
9. Friends: I have made some really good friends I hope to keep in touch with forever
10. Hair: squirrel girl, bump-its, pineapples, slut humps. Hair at BYU defies gravity. BYU girls have never ceased to amaze me. 


Valerie said…
thank you thank you thank you for remembering squirrel girl! HA! one of the only things I remember from that chem class. she will never be forgotten.

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