Baby, It's cold outside...

My clinical rotation on the Psych unit has been interesting... the staff is pretty laid back and chill and the patients have been pretty friendly. I'm excited for clinicals to be OVER in a couple of weeks. I've been a little grumpy lately, and it's almost Thanksgiving so here a list of things I'm grateful for this week in no particular order...
1. my faith
2. my family and friends (will be on every one of my lists)
3. Packages from home
4. pumpkin anything
5. chocolate oranges : )
6. hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and a good book when it's snowing outside
7. the sun
8. meteor showers
9. butt warmers (in the car)
10. boots

Crystal got baptized on November 14, 2009. I'm so happy for her!

roomies @ Crystal's baptism


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